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Order your Free Range Appledore Turkey by 10th Dec

The Wreathall family are dedicated to rearing the most succulent, flavoursome and traditional Christmas farmfresh turkeys on their rural farm in South-East England.

Whether traditional white barn reared, or free range bronze, all Appledore Turkeys are certain to deliver a Christmas meal that is truly special.

Traditional animal husbandry and concern about welfare means that all the birds live a long and healthy life, enjoying natural diets and the freedom to roam grassy paddocks. This contributes to the turkeys’ distinctive taste and texture – ideal for the festive season.

With an Appledore Turkey a successful Christmas meal is guaranteed. As members of the Traditional Farmfresh Turkey Association, the Wreathall family are committed to producing the very best turkeys, or money refunded, if not entirely satisfied.

Order your Christmas turkey with us by 10th December and be confident of a delicious Christmas meal!

A £20 deposit is required.