At Gibsons Farm Shop we aim to meet the increasing demand for locally produced meat products and a large range of locally produced goods. The butchery and processing of meats are performed in store by our master butcher. By request this can be to customer requirements with meat being prepared in front of the customer. Our range of home reared meat includes; Free Range Angus Aberdeen Beef, Pork and Lamb, Home Cured Ham and Bacon and BBQ Meat Packs. Gibson’s Sausages and sausage meat just have to be tried. Our sausages have extremely high meat content and we only use natural casings.
Turner Game at Gibsons Farm Shop Kent
We are passionate about producing food of the highest quality using sustainable and humane practices. We believe that the way to true health is through the food you consume on a daily basis. Our mission is to produce nutrient dense, clean food in a sustainable way. To us, this means using farming practices that work with nature.
Supplying the finest artisan food products to Britain and Europe; with a great reputation and a Foods Standards Approved Factory, Turners Game excels in the production of top quality Game Poultry & Meats, provided by the countries leading sporting estates. Operating from Littlebourne in Kent, Turners Game is situated in a prime location to export and serve all areas of Great Britain. With Venison, Pheasant, Partridge, Wild Duck, Wood Pigeon and Rabbit on offer.
Gibsons Farm Shop puts food safety and quality before anything. That's why you will find the Red Tractor logo on many of our items.
What is Farm Assurance?
Red Tractor is an independent UK whole chain food assurance scheme which assures high standards of food safety, animal welfare and environmental protection from farm to pack. The Red Tractor logo is the leading quality kitemark in the UK. Red Tractor producers are overseen by Assured Food Standards (AFS) who carry out independent inspections to confirm that businesses are meeting certain standards, such as food safety, animal welfare and the environment. The Red Tractor logo covers many schemes, with the majority of food being grown, processed and packed in Britain - signified by the Union Jack flag.

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